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Deli Tavern in Downtown Phoenix 

Imagine strolling the streets of Downtown Phoenix and curiously walking into a bar which reminds you of something from the past but also feels as current as your favorite pub filled with your best friends and soon to be best friends. Genuine Concepts would like for you to meet The Deli Tavern.

The Deli Tavern brings a different type of corner bar to Phoenix. Owner, Tucker Woodbury is a big believer and supporter of the downtown scene and wanted to bring a “warm, friendly corner bar that Phoenix doesn’t yet have.”

“It seemed to me that there has been a little bit of a land rush in downtown Phoenix and now that other companies and businesses are coming, we wanted to make sure that we put our stake in the ground and held onto a spot,” Woodbury states.

Genuine Concepts’ Woodbury and partner, Jim Riley, purchased the space on Monroe Street and Central Avenue nearly two years ago when The Downtown Deli closed its doors for good and have held onto the lease ever since. The original Deli opened in 1969 and through its 46 years in business, carried on as your typical deli, offering breakfast and lunch to the downtown crowd and closing early when the rush had ended.

While holding onto the roots of The Deli, Woodbury and Riley have created a new vibe and demeanor of what is now The Downtown Deli Tavern. A long, solid oak bar is the heart and center of the space greeting guests as they walk through the front doors off of the quaint patio. The interior is a take from big city corner bars with a checkered floor, lime green leather booths, wood and metal finishes, exposed brick walls and, of course, flamingo wallpaper which adds a quirky, yet classic feel. Another notable charm of The Downtown Deli Tavern is its ode to local Phoenix celebrities. Phoenix Caricature artist, Jeremy Drysdale, was chosen to deck the walls with characters of downtown Phoenix who have been around including local celebrities and regulars. The idea is to cover the walls with the people who are a part of the fabric of downtown.

Downtown Deli Tavern is located at 130 North Central Avenue, Phoenix, AZ 85004 and will be open Monday-Wednesday 10:30am-11pm, Thursday 10:30am-12am, Friday 10:30am-2am, Saturday 3:00pm-2:00am & will be closed on Sunday. Please visit the website at

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