Sit down. Be humble. 

Rapper Kendrick Lamar’s latest hit “Humble” blasted in the background. A giant screen wrapping around a circular room showed an iPhone that displayed tweets. This was the beginning of Twitter’s first-ever NewFront, a presentation dedicated to wooing advertisers.

The affair was anything but humble. Earlier in the day, reporters were told there would be 12 announcements for live video streaming deals. When COO/CFO Anthony Noto took the stage he said 15. Later, it became 16. 

Twitter, apparently, is the best when it comes to live video. 

“We have content that’s relevant to everyone in the world and that’s relevant everyday,” Noto said in a room of more than 350 people. “We can personalize your experience so we can deliver exactly what you want, when you want it.” Read more…

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