Travis Kalanick, Silicon Valley’s bad boy CEO, once had a very uncomfortable confrontation with Apple CEO Tim Cook, who is a grown-up. 

Back in 2015, Uber tried to disguise the fact that the company was secretly tracking iPhones, even if the ride-hailing app had been deleted. 

As a new, oh-so-juicy profile in the New York Times points out, the scheme didn’t go over well with Cook. 

Obviously, losing the iPhone market would have been disastrous for Uber, so Kalanick promised to cut it out. 

Before, he had tried to hide the practice—called fingerprinting—by geofencing Apple’s headquarters, “a way to digitally identify people reviewing Uber’s software in a specific location. Uber would then obfuscate its code from people within that geofenced area, essentially drawing a digital lasso around those it wanted to keep in the dark.” Read more…

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