These adorable teddy bears were reportedly hacked to expose 2 million messages


As if you needed another reason not to put an internet-connected microphone in your child’s bedroom. 

A California-based toy company selling “a message you can hug” reportedly exposed over 2 million voice messages recorded between parents and children to online hackers. What’s worse, the company was allegedly notified multiple times that additional customer data was online and available for anyone to grab — yet the data remained up for at least a week with evidence suggesting that it was stolen more than once. 

Spiral Toys specializes in internet-connected toys, and its CloudPets line of stuffed animals represents what is becoming a trend in the toy industry: dolls that don’t rely on a kid’s imagination. Instead, products with names like “Talking Puppy” connect a child and relatives via the internet and allow them to send recorded voicemails back and forth.  Read more…

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