The Palace Theatre is submerged in an ocean of darkness. From the blackout, dozens of screens shine bright, dotting the darkness with their blue-white glow. In the shadows, technicians huddle over monitors, designers whisper into headset microphones, and the pitter patter of typing on keyboards crackles through the room.

The scene looks like a NASA control room, but we’re not at mission control for a space flight — we’re in tech rehearsal for SpongeBob SquarePants, The Broadway Musical, the new theatrical adaptation of the beloved Nickelodeon cartoon, directed by Tina Landau

The theatre buzzes as the show’s creative team sets the final light and projection cues of the musical’s climactic scene, building each moment light by light, animation by animation during a process called cue-to-cue. Suddenly, with a stage manager’s call, light bursts onto the stage, plunging everyone into the technicolor sea that is Bikini Bottom. Read more…

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