You can call it bizarre, funny, silly or simply sensational.

A man from Gurgaon in India crowdsourced his Valentine dates via Facebook by showing off his wealth, his Audi car and a promise to gift an iPhone 7.

Surprisingly, he was greeted with an overwhelming response from over 2,000 applicants, which he sifted through to arrive at the “best five”, whom he then took out in his car for a romantic dinner at a plush hotel and gifted them an iPhone 7 each.

Pause a moment to soak that in.

Shakul Gupta, who claims to be the “CEO and Founder at” (which incidentally Google couldn’t trace) put out a Facebook post on Feb.11. “Who want to be my Valentine?” (sic) it said. It included promises of “memorable moments” for the potential dates. Read more…

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