No, none of Google’s Home products have a built-in thermometer. But if you ask Google to tell you the temperature “inside,” you might get a surprising answer.

Some Redditors made this discovery this week when one user posted a question to the Google Home subreddit asking if the new Google Home Mini had a thermometer built-in to the speaker.

That may sound like a ridiculous question — Google has definitely not given its speakers secret temperature-sensing abilities — but it’s a bit more complicated than it seems.

Since temperature-sensing is not one of Google Home’s capabilities, the Assistant on its own can’t answer when you ask for the “inside” temperature. The exception to this, though, is if you have a Nest thermometer. In that case, you can ask Google to tell you the temperature inside, and it will tell you what your Nest is set at, and what the current temp is in your house. Read more…

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