There’s a new craze in the world of cryptocurrencies: kitties. 

A game called Cryptokitties, build on Ethereum’s blockchain, has exploded since its launch last week, with players spending thousands of dollars worth of ether (Ethereum’s currency) on digital cats. 

There’s a problem, though: The game is so popular that it’s clogging Ethereum’s network. 

Cryptokitties isn’t an entirely new genre. The game, build by San Francisco-based studio AxiomZen, lets you purchase and trade digital kitties; once you start, you can also breed them to create new ones. Each kitty has a series of visual characteristics called traits, and these traits are typically passed onto its offspring. Some of these traits are rarer than others, and right now everyone is trying to figure out the game’s algorithm on how to breed cats with specific, rare traits.  Read more…

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