Video editing is often a tedious and intricate process that requires incredible attention to detail, long hours spent in front of editing software, and the ability to make a bunch of different factors (i.e. sound, graphics, film) line up and come together to achieve a great final product (aka, your masterpiece.) 

Similarly, finding the best laptop to assist in your *work of sheer genius* also involves a lot of different components coming together into one kick-ass video editing machine. 

The reality is: a laptop fit for video editing is going to require some serious specs.

Generally, a great video editing laptop will have a powerful processor (CPU) and graphics card (GPU), an impressive display, and a hell of a lot of memory and storage. In an ideal world, this laptop would also offer multiple different input/output options and be relatively lightweight, because if you happen to also be shooting the video you’ll edit, the last thing you want to do is add weight to your already-heavy camera equipment bag(s). Lastly, in this ideal world, these laptops would be cheap. Spoiler alert: this is the real world and these things aren’t cheap. However, some are definitely more affordable than others — so if you’re on a budget, price is obviously another huge factor to consider.  Read more…

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