Cows, Moose, and Camels Contort into Yoga Poses and Other Surprising Positions in Paintings by Bruno Pontiroli

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Bruno Pontiroli creates mind-bending explorations of the relationship between humans and animals, painting limber cows doing impressive handstands or an over-eager man embracing a large walrus, [...]

Intertwined and Contorted Figures Form Surreal New Portraits by Brooke DiDonato

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Brooklyn-based photographer Brooke DiDonato (previously) poses bodies in twisting forms, skewing the viewer’s perception of where one body ends and the next begins. DiDonato also combines subjects [...]

A Programmable 8-Bit Computer Created Using Traditional Embroidery Techniques and Materials

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The Embroidered Computer by Irene Posch and Ebru Kurbak doesn’t look like what you might expect when you think of a computer. Instead, the work looks [...]

A Full Spectrum of Waves Course Through Warren Keelan’s Aquatic Photography Edited With the HP ZBook x2

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“Firewater” Whereas many people see the world’s water-covered surface as a monolith, photographer Warren Keelan (previously) makes a living seeing the ocean’s constant changes, day [...]